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Business change project management

Business change project management, organisational programmes

Business change management

There are multiple types of business change projects and each transforms the organisation in a specific way. Each method requires its own mitigating measures to avoid uncertainty and unexpected secondary effects.

Changing the mission and vision

Relaunch a business unit with a new mission statement, keep the transferrable skills and staff capabilities, recast performance indicators and motivational factors

Making strategic changes

Shift the way a business approaches problem solving, including analysing long term effects whilst generating value; analyse alternative decision making methods

Making operational changes

Design, control and deliver change, whilst affecting the structure of the organisation including restructuring teams, or repurposing and retraining personnel

Making technological changes

Introduce a new CMS, ERP or CRM system, liaising with internal stakeholders, delivering training, information handover between platforms, managing interfaces, QA

Improve the state of a business by planning and delivering change projects

Change project managements shifts a business from a current to a future state

Monitor change projects by tracking the realisation of benefits, using interactive dashboards

Business change management varies

Each organisation has a different stakeholder power dynamics profile. However, most organisations react similarly to environmental changes and to performance improvement strategies and plans

There is direct correlation between the behaviours of senior executives and the stability demonstrated by public organisations. For instance, board members which publish disruptive Twitter feeds, influence the valuation of the organisations they relate to.

Making informed decisions by using interactive dashboards enables executives to predict future trends and act proactively. Therefore, they can succesfully transform businesses, whilst protecting their value prepositions and market competitive advantage.

Business change project management
Define a future state for your business and describe the benefits sought to improve current state

Change project are focused on realising tangible benefits

Schedule change programme benefits as milestones and create interfaces across departments

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Change is unavoidable for business aspiring for success. Organisations should transform as often as necessary to remain competitive.

Best practice encourages businesses to regularly deliver change projects using tangible and trackable benefits to improve performance, to avoid having to disrupt business-as-usual with long term change programmes.

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Regular change means perpetual renewal

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