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Business performance improvement and optimisation

Business performance baseline

Improving the performance of a business starts from establishing the current state performance baseline. Analyse the current operating model and evaluating the optimal level of performance which the organisation can demonstrate.

The current state performance baseline contains KPI specific to the line of business as well as metrics specific to the value chain used by the organisation.

Consumer driven organisations 

Manage customer related performance metrics to report on conversion and retention rates, satisfaction and the likelihood that your services be recommended by your clients.

Manufacturing or oriented oriented

Assess the effectiveness of your internal processes. Measure the volume of support tickets and defects, uptime and the rates of delivery for on-time, late and cancelled products.

Driven by human capital

Focus on human capital and assess the salary competitiveness, productivity rates, turnover rates for low, medium and high performers and the hiring and training costs.

Business performance improvement, key performance indicators
Identify sources of value creation by dividing processes in manageable actvites

Business performance improvement projects focus on tangible outputs

Standardise and automate processes to remove unnecessary time and effort

Focus on long term value

Cost efficiencies

Earnings per share

Return on capital

Societal impact


Corporate citizenship

Analyse your organisation from multiple lens including people, capabilities, IT infrastructure and mobility, procurement, logistics, transport, innovation, and many others. Scrutinise each perspective and divide it as necessary, to find as many levers of sources of improvement as you canpossible.
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The need to constantly consider performance improvement and change projects is stimulated by external factors such as political, economical, social, technological, legal or environmental pressures.

Business transformation and performance improvement projects are designed, authorised and delivered from the C-suite.

A business cases for a performance a improvement programme must be documented, justified and evidenced before senior leadership teams and CxOs.

We can help you research and present a business case for improvement using a Lean, Agile or Green Book methodology.

Performance improvement advocates

performance improvement RESOURCES

Contact us to benefit from a free, time limited consultation, to discuss a business performance improvement strategy for your organisation. 

Identify the value-generating-levers and set them to maximise throughput

Business performance improvement is focused on generating long term value

Introduce KPI and metrics in all directorates to enable consistent reporting

Contact a consultant

Plan a performance improvement programme for your business

Organisations are fluid and therefore they form the risks of performance stagnation and even decline, if the focus is lost from ensuring consistent throughput. 

Businesses can be transformed to demonstrate a high level of performance, in multiple ways, from employing coercive leadership models to setting up performance based pay strategies. Contact one of our performance improvement consultants to discuss the challenges in your organisation..

Business performance improvement, pay strategy
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