Business restructuring and repurposing within competitive ecosystem

Business restructuring and repurposing

Business restructuring, organisational repurposing, shareholder value, value chain, supply chain

Organisational restructuring

Internal considerations for business restructuring

Unpick the business DNA to establish where is shareholder value being realised and leverage digital opportunities within the value chain and the supply chain to maximise returns.

Financial drivers related to business restructuring

Make informed decisions using operational KPIs,  financial drivers and metrics, data visualisation, artificial intelligence, industry benchmarks and business intelligence.

Strategic frameworks for business restructuring

Strengthen the current state of the organisation, realign and prepare the business to engage with powerful environmental forces and MegaTrends, whilst leveraging digitalisation and enabling technologies to gain competitive advantage.

Reorganising a business will generate positive performance changes in a short amount of time

Business restructuring will reverse stagnation or a decline in performance

Repurposing a business causes short term disruption, followed by consistent improvement
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Repurposing businesses

Restructuring a business is likely to cause short terms disruption. However, if controlled adequately, the organisation can realign itself with the new trajectory including a new operating model and staff training strategy and deliver value with immediate effect. 

Externalise value chain to digital

Connect powerful digital services and externalise your logistics including fulfilment to Amazon services, so you can focus on improving your online awareness

Leverage user generated content

Create strategic partnerships with online communities and leverage on SEO and user generated content to differentiate yourself and improve your online footprint

Differentiate your service offering

Combine products with services to preposition and tailor your offering and gain sustainable competitive advantage against your direct competition

Leverage economies of scale

Standardise your products and service offering, apply lean and agile, to increase your manufacturing and delivery throughout and leverage economies of scales

Repurposing a business enables it to take a new positive trajectory

Restructure your business to leverage disruptive trends

Businesses aligned with technological disruptive trends gain sustainable competitive advantages

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Consider restructuring a running business to tighten its position

Businesses should be restructured, if the amount of changes necessary to reverse a period of decline exceed the remit of a change programme.

If the condition of the organisation makes necessary that positive effects are observed almost immediately, a business is likely to be repurposed or restructured.

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