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ERP design and implementation for non-profit organisations

ERP - Bogdan Ciocoiu

As transformation programme delivery leaders, we understand the importance of a successful ERP deployment for non-profit organisations. Our approach consists of several stages, each with its challenges and prerequisites.

We would conduct a detailed analysis of the organisation’s current processes and operations to determine the requirements of the ERP system. This would involve interviewing stakeholders from different departments (i.e., Finance, HR and Operations) to identify pain points and opportunities for improvement.

Working in the non-profit sector attracts specific constraints, such as limited access to capital expenditure and operating expenditure.

We would design a tailored ERP solution that meets the organisation’s needs. This would involve creating a detailed project plan, including timelines, budgets, and resource requirements.

ERP implementation

Once the design is agreed upon, we will begin the implementation phase, which involves configuring the system, testing it, and migrating data. During this phase, we would work closely with the organisation’s IT department and end-users to ensure the system is fully functional and user-friendly.

After implementing the system, we would conduct user training and change management workshops to ensure a smooth transition to the new system. This would involve educating users on the new system’s capabilities and how it can improve their workflow.

We assume non-profit organisations have stakeholders with a diverse range of experiences in using Enterprise Resource Planning tools. Therefore, we will tailor our training programmes accordingly.

We would perform thorough system testing and quality assurance before handing the system to the organisation. After the design is signed off, we will assist with the system roll-out to all departments.

The main challenges we typically face during ERP deployments for non-profit organisations include

To mitigate these challenges, we would interview key stakeholders to understand their priorities and concerns and tailor the ERP solution accordingly. We would work closely with the IT department to support the data cleansing activities throughout implementation.

At Bogdan’s, we pride ourselves on delivering successful ERP deployments for non-profit organisations. Our experience enables us to design and implement solutions tailored to each organisation while minimising disruption to daily operations.